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Víno Lednár

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The Lednár family has a long lasting winemaking tradition in Bratislava-Rača. Our family managed to renew it after the Velvet revilution in the year 1989. In the legacy of our great-grandfathers Anton Lednár and his brother Martin Lednár "The Winemaker" we try to connect the family tradition with new ideas and innovation. In this spirit, among the first of Rača's wine producers, we have been cultivating Slovak varieties Hron, Váh, Rimava and Rudava in the vineyard Ruža since 2010.

Collectively, we cultivate wine at three locations. Vineyards Fixel and Švorcmon are the heritage after Anton Lednár. Their names come from the original German descriptions "Fuechsl" and "Schwarzman". In the vineyard Fixel, we cultivate our Blaufränkisch and often organize various events. Vineyard Švorcmon is our highest located vineyard where we cultivate the variety Müller Thurgau. However, our largest vineyard is Ruža, the heritage after Martin Lednár. In its old part, we cultivate Green Veltliner, Blaufränkisch and in small amount Pálava. In the new part, we cultivate the before-mentioned Slovak newly-breds.

Martin Lednár "The Vine Dresser"(-1943) twice the mayor of Rača, brought the new type of Rhinehessen vine management, co-founded the Agricultural Collective Bank (now the building of Sberbank on the corner of Kamenné and SNP squares), had the first automobile in Rača, founded the  Union of Wine Assocations, and supported the construction of several landmarks of Rača including the Church of St. Mary, the Helper of Christians, the "Slovak" Culture House, municipal house or fire station. At the time, our family resided in "Barónka" ("The Baroness"), the Pálffy manor that it bought from the Pálffy family. The wine produced from the grapes that were growing on the largest area of Rača territory was being sold even in the wineries of Bratislava-Prievoz. Martin Lednár died an unfortunate death under the wheels of a train at the Rača railway station while rescuing a mother with her child in a stroller stuck in the rails.